As restrictions tighten, what could this mean for you and your profession?

With the NHS under increasing strain from winter pressures and a rise in Covid-19 cases, the recent announcement of a four-week lockdown for England may not have surprised you.

While the government has released a number of financial support packages to help businesses remain viable during this time, the ways in which we’re able to work, celebrate and stay connected will continue to shift.

So, what do the latest restrictions mean for the UK’s most trusted professions?

Hospital doctors

Hospital doctors are increasingly busy, with many moving back to emergency rotas to cope with an increase in Covid-19 cases, as well as the usual surge in winter admissions. Elective surgery is being cancelled across many hospitals and Nightingale hospitals are being readied to be brought back online.


GPs will continue to see patients, though the triaging process may reduce the number of face-to-face appointments in favour of remote consultations where clinically appropriate. GPs are also busy with the ongoing delivery of the winter flu vaccination programme.


Dental practices will continue to operate as they currently are, as people are allowed and actively encouraged to leave home for medical appointments. However, there is likely to be a reduction in general check-up activity as some people choose to remain at home. As a result, dentists with majority private lists may see more of a financial impact.


Schools are set to remain open, at least for the time being. Teachers are working with ‘bubbles’ of pupils or delivering remote lessons. Headteachers will face continued pressure to resource Covid-secure learning environments, as well as additional supply staff to cover other teachers’ absences.


Lawyers will largely move back to remote working, although many had not yet returned to working in the office at all. While the Courts are exempt from this lockdown, there may be a further reduction in some types of legal work as the economy slows. The March 2021 extension of the more generous furlough scheme will have been welcomed by many firms.

How we can support your wellbeing

With financial and operational pressures to deal with, as well as burn-out and the associated lethargy, there is no more important time than now to prioritise your own wellbeing.

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As we progress through this second national lockdown, we will – as always – remain on hand to support you and the things that are important to you, sharing insights and updates as they emerge.

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